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Oktober 10, 2023 - 15 Questions | The Allegorist shares her creative process - "I choose to study the mysteries."

For you to get started, do there need to be concrete ideas – or what some have called a 'visualisation' of the finished work? What does the balance between planning and chance look like for you? 


I’m almost always present as an artist next to my personal self. Sometimes living my life feels like I’m on duty all the time, heavy with a certain responsibility, like when you are taking care of someone. At the same time I also just simply don’t want to miss out and be prepared when the spirit is visiting me. The spirit here is a metaphor for the beauty I can’t describe in words better. I want to be there in my best and purest form when it chooses to appear in front of me. Sparkling shy from under a rock in the woods or from the depths of the sky. And I want to be there, to pick up its little pieces scattered around and carry them home where also my heart lives. For my heart would be lonely if I didn’t notice and simply walked by.

October 1, 2023 - Elektro Beats at Radio Eins | Interview 

This Interview is available at ARD, Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music and 


May 05, 2023 - Juno Daily | TEKHENU track by track | Interview 

“The main elements in the album are my vocals. I put a lot of effort into the sound design to develop all these different voices – all from my own voice. Somehow I have the feeling that universal memories can travel through the body, so I’m letting my voice be used as an instrument by perhaps another version of me. Sometimes it feels as if I would know a certain place, for instance, although I don’t think I’ve been there. I think there is a lot of undiscovered or unpopular or forgotten knowledge about many things, and I’m trying to learn from what feels right. Also, I put a lot of effort into designing the low-ends and the mixing in general. Mixing is still one of my favourite parts of the music creation process and I was aiming for a clean, straightforward, cinematic, and airy mix. For the synth elements I mainly used my Elektrons, for the sub-basses, the Grandmother, and some plugins for sampled acoustic instruments. I shot the album cover artwork in 2020 and edited it in 2022 into the main character of the album.”


Whispers Of The Wind

The album opener is about following our inner voice and intuition. We are a part of the Endless, and the wind symbolises the subtle feelings that guide us. Technically, perhaps this track was the most difficult to create for me. I find it quite mysterious how experimental vocal melodies work. There are very few cues one can lean on, unlike in the case of let’s say a hi-hat loop. It takes a lot of experimentation, and a process of trial and error to design the right vocals in such majestic ways. It’s a huge part of my workflow to work on multiple Ableton projects at the same time and this track was a result of merging the best parts of three different projects." The Allegorist

May 05, 2023 - Muno | Interview | Electronic Archaeologist, The Allegorist

Your latest album has been in the making for the last two years – a time of late lockdown and the reopening of your live shows has shown how much the tastes of today’s modern audiences have changed. I feel that people today want faster and harder music – that’s the fashion now. Did you have a sense of insecurity at the back of your mind that your music, devoid of dance rhythms, might not fit in with current trends?


"I don’t really bond my music-making process to external influences that are so short-term. I’m developing my themes for many years or decades, even before sculpting them into musical ideas. I’m not interested to accommodate the masses in general as a business model, for better or worse. I’m interested to serve though, but I don’t measure it in numbers. Of course, it’s much more rewarding to follow or build on a path that’s obvious but I like thinking in time periods like 30 years from now or 300 years ago and base my decisions on that. I’m trying to create value that’s not necessarily connected to popular ideas of a decade, although it’s quite hard to pin down what that means. Everything is constantly evolving and perhaps losing meaning without the original context, but still, I’ve decided to try." The Allegorist

Oct 28, 2022 - Artist Talk 'Crafting an artistic vision with The Allegorist' hosted by Peter Kirn at Signals Festival in Funkhaus | Your Mom's at

Sept 01, 2022 - Schwarzes Bayern | Interview | About Silence with The Allegorist

What is sound to you? When did you first fall in love with (electronic) sound?

"Everything that exists is vibrating on some frequency. So everything has an inner sound. Not every frequency is necessarily audible or visible to us, but it’s there and if we give it our attention, we can sense it. I don’t think about sound only on the audible frequency spectrum. I’m not really interested in a purely sonic sensation, one part detached from the whole."

May 29, 2022 - Refraction | Interview | Deciphering Mondoneoh with The Allegorist 

"This attention to form as much as content speaks to the thought and care that Jordan puts into her work. "World-building" has become a cliché in the sphere of experimental electronic music, but the idea is taken almost literally in the tracks she releases as The Allegorist. Her compositional method captures this expansive cosmology: "How do I birth a release? I collect ideas and notes; words, track titles, pictures, short clips, Tweets that are inspiring. I collect and absorb information on a spiritual level—more like matter, more like energy. I am like a big tree and I am reaching out and collecting everything that is around me and transforming it and giving it my perspective. It is very important that you are connecting with your heart. Otherwise it will be shallow. I need to feel it, like I am transforming it into this machine." The Allegorist

April 24, 2022 - Side-Line Mag | Click Interview with The Allegorist 

"What have been the different stages you’d to go through to compose “Blind Emperor”? What have been the main difficulties and challenges you encountered?  

The cover artwork was the first element that I have created in 2017, although I didn’t know who she was. At the beginning I could see the colors and feel the tension and silence of this world. Then I’ve started to see some objects, hearing some sounds, mainly atmospheric sounds. Throughout the years I’ve been eavesdropping and peering into the story deeper, writing the script in my head, making notes and developing the sound. I’ve started to smell the dirt, to hear and see the horses, the black carriage decorated with the black cormorants, the treasure they were carrying. I’ve seen the defeated protagonist who came back later as the Redwinged Phoenix and her growing army, the sweating and fierce Marching Crowds, and lastly the magicians, the War Priests on the top of the mountains, in the final battle." The Allegorist

April 8, 2022 - Delayed Magazine | Interview | The Allegorist an Artist Of The Moment

"Your compositions use a wide range of electronics - but we can also hear classical instruments as well as a wide use of choral and vocals. Who do you partner with for these parts?

"I haven’t partnered up with anyone musically, I have recorded, composed, arranged and mixed all my music myself. My productions are mainly electronic. Sometimes I like to add acoustic elements by sampling my acoustic instruments, like a guitar, violin or flute, even though I can’t play any instrument.

I also like to work with field recordings. I've been recording sounds if I’m on the way regularly for a lot of years now. My own sound library is growing nicely, so it’s becoming easier to add them into my workflow. Sometimes I also record sounds like a foley artist, using different materials and design them later on.

The vocal is an important element in my music as well. I put a lot of effort into developing the different characters and building the choirs solely by my own vocals, editing and layering the different recordings. There is always a lot of painstaking, time-consuming and complex sound design involved in my workflow." The Allegorist

April 1, 2022 - Vogue Italia | The Allegorist Interview about Blind Emperor and The Sacrifice

Is there anyone you would dedicate "Blind Emperor" to?

"Absolutely. I would like to dedicate Blind Emperor to everybody who are willing to take this journey and especially to those, who are wounded and are in need of healing, who are tired and are looking for hope, who are alone and need love, who are weakened and are in need of strength, who have lost meaning and are looking for light, who despite of all are doing their best, I send you my army of love and fire." The Allegorist

March 7, 2022 - Metal Magazine | Interview about the album Blind Emperor

For one empire to rise, another must fall,” you say in the poem you present on the occasion of The Sacrifice release, written by yourself. Were you clear that this new album would come from the hand of other resources that would help the audience to immerse themselves in your artistic universe?


"When I start to make a track or album I never know where the journey will bring me. To create an album always takes many years for me and I put together the pieces one by one, building the ideas and the concept slowly. I never decide on anything before and often let myself be guided by intuitions and feelings on the way. Although I really enjoy the freedom art is giving me, I also have to be patient and open to let the artwork be born in a way it wants to and become its own in a way. The poem for The Sacrifice came as the very last piece of the album. The album was all ready and I think it wanted to say, I was born and this is who I am: “For one empire to rise, another must fall. For us to reach the highs, through dark holes we must crawl. For the vision in the deep, we need, we sacrifice and bleed, to make the leap.” The Allegorist

March 2, 2022 - Beatburguer Magazin | Interview

I feel like speculative fiction kind of helps us to imagine a world that we can create or transform, do you feel it the same way? When and how did you realized about it?


"Sometimes I like to ask myself are we even capable of imagining worlds that don’t exist? What if those worlds actually exist and in our imagination we only remember past or future lives in other universes? We claim to know so much, when we actually don’t. If we think about speculative fiction as an imagination of their creators I like to see it as a way of exercising thinking. There is so much potential and power in creative thinking and imagination, because of its ability of connecting seemingly unrelated, distant thoughts and ideas." The Allegorist

Sept 14, 2022 - Miami Shoutout | Meet The Allegorist | Interview

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?

"The most interesting places in my opinion are those with which we make or have an emotional bond. These are different places for each of us, and it is part of our purpose to find those places. Some places can lead to other places and so we build our path. I think it’s important that everyone is looking for their own path individually and finds the places that are calling them. You can start anywhere, like just the main train station. I also think it’s interesting to visit the places we are able to imagine and/or exist somewhere else, we cannot physically reach but observe or feel." The Allegorist

February 16, 2022 - Sound and Structure #19 | Artist Talk | The Allegorist & Blush Response

May 24, 2021 - Zoom Interview | In My House Techno Music Show 

May 11, 2021 - 15Questions Interview on Life & Death 

 "In my art I like to play with contrasts as I believe opposite elements cannot exist without the other and so they complement and compensate each other. There is no light without darkness, no improvement without error, no sunrise without sunset and no life without death. I believe these cycles of positive and negative energies stimulate and fuel themselves into existence. And so I understand existence as an interaction of different polarities and everything between them into a balanced state."


"I see life and death, ancient and modern, fire and ice as equal elements, without attaching a quality to them. I think everything is neutral until they are put into a certain context and find their attribute and meaning through that lens, story or layers of stories. This is how I see the different elements in my art and musical expressions. Each sound only means something and can be understood and judged in the context of the full track and each track only means something as part of my whole artistic vision." The Allegorist

April 16, 2021 - INTERVIEW for THE VELOCITY MAGAZINE by Jeff Mills | Issue Two | Interview by Carola Stoiber | Pages 90-93

"My relationship with vocals: I really like to use vocals in my tracks, because my voice as a sound source is unique to me and truly mine. I believe the vibrations of my voice carry not only sound but my memories, life experiences and are snapshots from my deeply personal diary. In a way it’s an almost physical thread that leads to me and manifests my intellectual person in a tangible form, like a sculpture. 


I’ve never had the ambition to improve my singing technic in a traditional way, as my intentions are to express something specifically. For me to make the most out of my voice doesn’t mean to perfect its sound to a norm but to utilise it on a wider spectrum and to alter it the closest I can, to my authentic self or to my characters I would like to give a voice." The Allegorist

February 26, 2021 - Erica Synths | Interview with Erica Synths' Eliza Aboltina

"Anna Jordan - better known as The Allegorist is a musical storyteller creating auditive visions. Known best for her full length album Hybrid Dimension I 2021 promises to be a year full of vivid releases and a new era in the artist's catalogue." 


"At one point being a music producer actually helped me a lot to develop a resilience against sexism also on a personal level. As a music producer, which is associated with something ''cool'', I was able to become a person of whom traditional expectations didn’t apply the same way anymore." The Allegorist

July 17, 2019 - Phace Magazine | Interview

"In my opinion, the message is equal with the artwork itself. Just as there is no such a thing, like being physically healthy without being mentally healthy as well either. We can see problems rooted in separations in our society everywhere. I personally try to pursue a holistic worldview and think it’s a hypocritical attitude to deny that one thing is not connected to another." The Allegorist

July 16, 2019 - 15Questions Magazine | Interview

"Sometimes to let go of your own version of an idea needs more strength than to push it into a meaningless perfection. I feel very vulnerable then, but even if I see myself as the creator I’m actually also the soldier. For the future, I hope that artists aren’t ridiculously glorified or invisible and that music will represent a wider range of ideas by a more diverse group of creators." The Allegorist

February 21, 2019 - Interview for FEMMECULT | hosted by Christina Broussard aka Scifisol 

"Anna Jordan is a trans-disciplinary artist based in Berlin, who focuses her work in the digital electronic realm as a painter, video artist and electronic musician. Her auditive work is released under her moniker, The Allegorist, for which she has 2 albums out now, and she says her format mixes all styles and genres and sets no limitations. Her most recent album was released in 2018, on Detroit Underground, is called Hybrid Dimension I-- a full length audio visual masterpiece that features music videos Anna created for each track on the album. One is currently screening at international film festivals, entitled Humandroid Lovers."

February 05, 2019 - ACUD MACHT NEU | Amplify Residency Program | Q&A | Interview

"End of 2018 I reached a step, where I was ready for new input. So the residency in January started in the perfect moment for me and I was looking forward for the new challenges. On Peter Kirn’s smaller event series in 2017 I heard Robert Lippok playing and talking about his set in Maze and I was greatly inspired by that. I had never thought that a year later the possibility would come up to apply for a residency with his mentorship. Also Raster is one of my favorite labels of all time and I was blown away that he had chosen me as a mentee." The Allegorist

June 26, 2017 - Native Instruments | Interview 

"I learned almost everything online, by watching tutorials on YouTube, and through practice. I felt too shy to go to meetups, because I didn’t know anything back then. Luckily, I love to learn, and when I set my mind to something, I keep going at it until I succeed." The Allegorist

June 3, 2016 - Female Frequencies | Interview


Jan 4, 2024 - ReGen Mag - TEKHENU Retold (remix album) album review

"Anna Jordan continues to forge her own world through The Allegorist, each album serving to further extrapolate both the auditory and emotional landscapes within the mind, each song a tale interwoven into the history and mythology of said world. As such, Tekhenu Retold follows the tradition of oral storytelling in ancient times, which might sound to some like an indulgent extravagance for a remix album. However, such a description is apt as the participants do more than simply remix or reinterpret Tekhenu, but revise and refine those tales, applying new contexts and meanings, and hopefully attain conclusion. Throughout, Jordan’s nuanced and intricate vocal layering remains a key tenet, their haunting atmospheres the tapestries upon which each track is built."

Nov 15, 2023 - Groove Mag - TEKHENU Retold (remix album) album review

"Die Fabel spinnt sich immer weiter, nimmt immer andere Formen an, Häutungen, Ausformungen, Details, Fäden aufnehmen und wieder verlieren, Enden in einer endlosen Welt. Bekanntlich ist das wilde Denken rekursiv, baut aus wenigen basalen Erzählfragmenten in immer neuen selbstbezogenen, aber immer weiter ausgreifenden Schleifen ein weltumspannendes und welterklärendes Epos auf. So ist das jüngste Kapitel von Anna Jordans Erzählprojekt The Allegorist wiederum neue moderne Archaik von globaler Spannweite, in der Iteration namens TEKHENU Retold (Awaken Chronicles, 13. Oktober) neu formuliert von musikalischen Freunden, Seelen- und Geistesverwandten – vom Techno-Popstar Die Wilde Jagd bis hin zur Analogsynthesizer-Avantgardistin Midori Hirano. Das umgreifende Konzept und der große Respekt der Bearbeitenden vor Jordans Sounddesign und Ideenwelt macht die einzelnen Stücke zu deutlich mehr als beliebigen Remix-Auftragsarbeiten. Eben zu einem weiteren – und sicher nicht dem letzten – Kapitel in Jordans unendlicher, unähnlicher Geschichte. Da soll noch jemand behaupten, es gäbe keine großen Erzählungen mehr."

October 24, 2023 - daMusic - feature - TEKHENU Retold remix album

October 18, 2023 - Solenoppole - feature - TEKHENU Retold remix album

October 9, 2023 - African Paper - feature - TEKHENU Retold remix album

September 13, 2023 - Foxy Digitalis - track premiere - Barefoot (Scanner Rework) (taken from the album TEKHENU Retold)

August 03, 2023 - CAMP - track premiere - Inner Dialogue (Drum & Lace Rework) (taken from the album TEKHENU Retold)

Oct 4, 2023 - Rockerilla Mag - TEKHENU Retold (remix album) album review - print edition

"Her cinematic holistic work is expanding its alchemical aura in a functional transition from tangible to intelligible. Perhaps in the most successful rework episode of the 20s."

Aug 5, 2023 - Regen Mag - TEKHENU album review

"With her fifth full-length album taking its title from the ancient name for still existing Egyptian monoliths, one might presume that Anna Jordan’s latest output as The Allegorist is yet another exercise in auditory world-building, plunging the listener into a sonic landscape somewhere between factual history and fantastical myth. Certainly, these elements persist in Tekhenu, but where the album deviates thematically is in its exploration of the fragility of the individual, seeing the warrior of past efforts like The Blind Emperor now confronted with their own vulnerability. Across the album’s 10 tracks, Jordan chronicles a journey both inward and outward, with the changing environment mirroring one’s emotional state, resulting in a sojourn both solitary and immersive." Regen Mag

May 18, 2023 - Rockerilla Mag - Print edition - May issue

"Five pages would not be enough to spread the word about Anna Jordan. The Allegorist is a holistic narrator of soundscapes inspired by the ancient world, here on her fifth album, ready to raise TEKHENU (the title) and place herself at the foot of Greek/Egyptian history. She is the author of the 'allegorical' monoliths. The electronic producer and sound designer is based in Berlin, and breathes music as conceptual art. 10 pieces of inner and spiritual research, in 10 exploratory adventures. *Human connection, intuition, guidance, evolution, freedom, and acceptance." Rockerilla Mag

May 17, 2023 - Groove Mag - Motherboard May 2023

"With her project The Allegorist, the Berlin-based artist Anna Jordan builds immense, epic narrative fantasy universes from dark electronica. Every EP, every album, every mix, and remix builds on the previous one, refines it, and expands the already immensely impressive wealth of detail in these worlds with new stories, new protagonists, and new sound facets. TEKHENU (Awaken Chronicles) is therefore not only the most extravagant of these digital-electric long stories so far, but it is also the most convincing and immersive. These are actually sounds and stories to lose yourself in, which always keep moving in the most beautiful way, never arriving anywhere in a landscape of an endless expanse. An open-world game that should never end." Groove Mag

May 11, 2023 - The Letter - TEKHENU a theatrical ancient passage

"Like being immersed in a swashbuckling epic, your emotions will roller-coaster throughout this wondrous escapade into the ancient Egyptian world and the beautiful mind of Anna Jordan, aka The Allegorist. Defined by its emotive vocals, the chanting creates a visceral sense of dark ritual and history, alluring and enthralling in abundance. Like her previous work, TEKHENU is deeply conceptual, accessible and open to interpretation. Encompassing stories, self-awareness and truth, it's like an elder sharing wisdom." The Letter

May 8, 2023 - Metal Mag - Featuring TEKHENU

"We’ve been following the career of who undoubtedly is one of the essential artists of a generation of talents who put all their energy into creating their own creative ecosystem, always faithful to her essence. Just look at the title of her new EP, TEKHENU, which is a nod to the towering monoliths by the ancient Egyptians. An element that has become a connection point full of meaning that demonstrates the interest of the multidisciplinary artist in analyzing the past in search of references and sources of inspiration to transfer them in a very personal way in her creative project." Metal Mag

May 8, 2023 - Backseat Mafia - Review TEKHENU

"Verdict: Deeply atmospheric soundscapes encompassing ethereal synth layers, deep bass and haunting vocals. The pieces reflect the conceptual narrative of the work and plays out the protagonist’s journey as the tracks progress, but as is, with the beauty of interpretation, the listener can also be allowed to break away from the narrative and simply submerge themselves in the emotional drive of the compositions. ‘Tekhenu‘ has a wonderful structure that builds to a crescendo, with the latter part of the album introducing more percussion and denser layers to deliver a breathless finale to the story. Another welcome chapter in ‘The Allegorist‘s’ anthology of sonic adventures." Backseat Mafia

May 6, 2023 - FAZE Mag -TEKHENU - Record of the week 

May 4, 2023 - - Review TEKHENU

"Die zehn Songs vereint vor allem eine zutiefst entspannte Grundhaltung. Es gibt kaum Brüche, stattdessen wirkt das Album wie aus einem Guss. Dass es trotzdem nicht langweilig wird, liegt an Jordans feinem Gespür für Sounddesign. Besonders die volltönenden Synthesizer-Elemente verleihen der Musik eine majestätische Aura. Begleitet werden diese von minimalistischen, aber äußerst präzisen Beats. Viele Tracks kommen allerdings ganz ohne Rhythmusinstrumente aus, beispielsweise das erhabene "Through the forest" oder das ätherische "The invisible". Obwohl grundsätzlich viel Wärme von Jordans Kompositionen ausgeht, gibt es immer wieder auch düstere Exkurse, hier weiß besonders das bedrohlich wummernde "Howling with the wolf" zu gefallen. Formschön auch "Trees of peace", das sich mit seinen Tribal-Elementen gut auf einem The-Witcher-Soundtrack machen würde."

May 3, 2023 - FAZE Mag - print edition - TEKHENU - Review - Top 10 Album of the Month 

April 24, 2023 - Keyi Mag - Video premiere - Whispers of the Wind (taken from the album TEKHENU)

“In the music video, ‘Whispers Of The Wind’ I’m telling the tale of TEKHENU. TEKHENU is an allegory for meaning, and purpose, something that we are all bound to and that connects us all. We all have our own individual paths in life, which are also intertwined. We have our own truth, one perspective of the whole, and our unique experience and journey in life. We all are sort of going towards TEKHENU and it looks different for all of us. We are a part of the Endless, and the wind symbolises the subtle feelings that guide us, our inner voice and intuition." TEKHENU is something entirely different for all of us and at the same time, also just the same. That’s why the main architectural object looks different from each angle to every character in the music video. Sometimes we don’t know what to do next. In those moments it’s good to look for answers in silence. In this solitude, we can look for guidance and messages carried to us by the wind. It’s not easy to face the unknown, but the deepest voice inside us, always tells us the truth.” The Allegorist



July 16, 2023 - Side-line Mag - TEKHENU (TEKHENU)

April 20, 2023 - Parkett Channel - Track Premiere & feature - Tekhenu (taken from the album TEKHENU)

April 9, 2023 - Mutant Disco - Track Premiere - Whispers of the Wind (taken from the album TEKHENU)

April 6, 2023 - Clubmap - featuring TEKHENU - The tale of TEKHENU

"The title of the LP is a nod to the towering monoliths by the ancient Egyptians. Known to most by their Greek-given name “obelisk”, they stand tall around the world and it’s their global dispersion that inspired The Allegorist for the title of the album, seeing it as an allegory of a common bond, a point of connection."

April 4, 2023 - Beatburguer Mag - featuring TEKHENU - The Allegorist announces new album TEKHENU

"Last year we had the pleasure of interviewing The Allegorist, the artist from Hungary who released the amazing “Blind Emperor”, where she explored a new and mysterious universe through speculative fiction, between techno and ambient. Now he announces a new album, "TEKHENU", which will be released by Awaken Chronicles on May 5th."

April 3, 2023 - ReGen Mag - featuring TEKHENU - From blindness to the seer, The Allegorist reveals narrative details of upcoming fifth album

"The title refers to the ancient name for Egyptian monoliths that still exist today, all crafted from a single piece of stone and utilized by Jordan as a symbol for the “invisible power that drives and connects us,” relating to the record’s themes of exploration, evolution, intuition, and human connection."

Januar 14, 2023 - Faze Mag - Trees Of Peace (from the album TEKHENU) - Print issue Faze131 Januar

"Nach ihrer sensationellen Hit-LP „The Emperor" liefert uns Anna Jordan alias The Allegorist it Trees Of Peace” einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf hr bevorstehendes Album TEKHENU", das im Mai erscheinen wird. Auf der Single ertönen langsam-treibende, hölzern-artige Drums und orientalische Synths, eingebettet in mystische Tribal-Chöre. Ein scharmanischer und friedlicher Vibe, dem man sich nur schwer entziehen kann."

Sept 23, 2022 - Magnetic Mag - Director's Cut - The Round Table, a Blind Emperor remix album - The extended cut

The Allegorist: “War Priests is about the last battle in the saga, where everyone unites for the same cause. The main characters of the track are theWar Priests, magicians, who gather on the top of the mountains and engage in the fight that takes place below in the valley. The battle is a metaphor of the battles of those I have dedicated my album to, who are wounded and are in need of healing, who are tired and are looking for hope, who are alone and need love, who are weakened and are in need of strength, who have lost meaning and are looking for a light, who despite of all are doing their best, and the War Priests are my army of love and fire.”

Sept 07, 2022 - Faze Mag - The Round Table - Review - Print Issue Faze127 September

"Das Remix-Album zu The Round Table" ist endlich da. Anna Jordan alias The Allegorist hat den Gong geschlagen und folgende Interpreten an der Rework-Tafelrunde versammelt: Eraldo Bernocchi, Max Dahlhaus, KMRU, Magna Pia, Snakes Of Russia und Blush Response. Der Italiener Bernocchi hat sich Redwinged Phoenix" zur Brust genommen und dem Original mit elektrisch geladenen Breaks und verträumten Rifts einen zusätzlichen pulsierenden Drive verschafft. Der Berliner Max Dahlhaus nimmt „Marching Crowd" ins Visier und lädt kurzerhand eine Delegation Außerirdische an die Tafelrunde ein, die spacige Synths, harte Percussions und symphonische Keys im Gepäck haben. Ab durchs Wurmloch und Tschüß. KMRU lässt es mit seiner „Blind Emperor"-Neuinterpretation ruhiger angehen und malt uns eine traumhafte Klanglandschaft mit surrealen Pads und verführerischen Vocals. Magna Pia verwandelt The Sacrifice" in einen flotten Techno-Stampfer mit Original-Synths und klirrenden Hats und Snakes Of Russia loben bei ihrem „Moving Forward”-Remix die Mage der Oszillatoren in den Himmel. Abschließend meldet sich der kanadische EBM- und Industrial-Gott Blush Response zu Wort. Sein War Priests"-Remix ist eine brutalistische Produktion, die mit ihren rollenden, höhlenartigen Percussions und kreischendem Gebrüll an die Steinzeit erinnert. Uga, Uga, volle Punktzahl." 10 Länkford

Sept 20, 2022 - Groove Mag - Motherboard September - The Round Table, a Blind Emperor remix album feature

Aug 4, 2022 - FAZE Mag - Review - Moving Forward (Snakes Of Russia Rework) - print edition

California project Snakes of Russia takes on The Allegorists' 'Moving Forward', which also doubles as the first single from upcoming 'The Round Table - Blind Emperor Remix Album”. The remix LP is set to add another chapter to the original and it's no wonder Anna Jordan alias The Allegorist chose Snakes of Russia at this point. Triumphant synths meet powerful drums and the oscillators project shimmering audio textures into our hearing, which – if it had one – would be happy to have a hole in the stomach (means be very happy in German). 9 Hugo Slawien 



Das kalifornische Projekt Snakes of Russia nimmt sich The Allegorists „Moving Forward" zur Brust, das gleichzeitig die erste Single aus dem kommenden „The Round Table - Blind Emperor Remix Album" markiert. Die Remix-LP soll dem Original in weiteres Kapitel hinzufügen und es ist kein Wunder, dass sich Anna Jordan alias The Allegorist an dieser Stelle für Snakes of Russia entschieden hat. Triumphale Synthies treffen auf kräftige Drums und die Oszillatoren projizieren schimmernde Audio-Texturen in unser Gehör, das sich - sofern es denn eins hätte-ein Loch in den Bauch freuen würde. 9 Hugo Slawien 

Aug 1, 2022 - ReGen Magazine | Feature | The Round Table  - "The Allegorist announces remix album as latest entry in otherworldly audiovisual saga."

Sept 13, 2022 - Bandcamp Feature - New & Notable - The Round Table

Sept 12, 2022 - Indie Am - The Round Table album feature

Sept 1, 2022 - Wicked Style - The Round Table album feature

Aug 28, 2022 - Refraction Refraction Festival x Panke

Aug 24, 2022 - Lost In Ether - Track Premiere - Blind Emperor (KMRU Rework)

Aug 10, 2022 - Abaddon - Track Premiere - The Sacrifice (Magna Pia Rework)

July 23, 2022 - Connect - Track Premiere - Moving Forward (Snakes Of Russia Rework)

May 20, 2022 - Groove Mag | The Allegorist - Charts Top 10

March 28, 2022 - Side-Line Mag | Blind Emperor album review - "This female artist sounds out of the box and that’s precisely what makes The Allegorist somewhat visionary."

March 15, 2022 - Blackseat Mafia | Blind Emperor album review

"The Verdict: The album Blind Emperor is Dark, foreboding… glorious. Imaginative soundscapes encompassing rumbling pads, soaring synths and low thudding beats take you on a journey of discovery. A work that fires up the imagination as the depths of its layers engulf the emotions and stir up the senses. The lush transitions of light and dark within the compositions take you through a wondrous experience of hope and despair, both immersive and powerful it was like witnessing strange unknown worlds implode and be reborn before your minds eye. An impressive and inspired work."

March 12, 2022 - MXDWN | Blind Emperor album review

"The title track, “Blind Emperor,” is a full eight minutes of cinematic bliss. The Allegorist chose to tie the rhythm of the drum and synths together for some parts of the song. This has the effect of creating a strong sense of movement underneath the ethereal vocal keyboard sounds. This song is the perfect marriage of techno and ambient music. 

Following “Blind Emperor” is another intense track, “The Sacrifice.” Easily identifiable as a climax to the story-like structure of the album, this piece feels like characters are contending with their biggest battle. “The Sacrifice” is a cinematic soundscape that brings to life the narrative The Allegorist is telling through this album."

March 2, 2022 - Groove Mag | Featuring the album Blind Emperor

"Anna Jordans zeit- und raumgreifendes Projekt The Allegorist taucht dann noch ein Stück tiefer in die Dunkelheit ein, erkundet eine postapokalyptische wie archaisch anmutende Landschaft aus düsteren Soundsplittern in maximalistischer Anhäufung. Die Mini-LP Blind Emperor (Awaken Chronicles, 25. Februar) der in Berlin lebenden Produzentin bedient sich ähnlicher Stilmittel wie Wolfgang Voigts GAS; durchlaufender Beat, Dichte, Schwere, Konzentration, Überlagerung und gegenseitige Durchdringung von Samples. Sie baut mit diesen Werkzeugen allerdings nicht den deutschen Wald nach, sondern ganz andere, außerweltliche Welten. Zudem sind die Sounds erzählend montiert, jeder Track für sich hat schon einen Spannungsbogen, ist für sich schon ein maximalistisches Mini-Epos das wiederum in der noch größeren Erzählung des Albums aufgeht. Auf alle, die in diese opaken Sounds eintauchen wollen, ihre Details näher ausleuchten wollen, wartet eine Welt."

February 22, 2022 - Delayed Mag | Track Premiere 'Blind Emperor'

January 27, 2022 - Four Four | Blind Emperor Album Feature

November 11, 2021 - Abaddon | Premiere of the single 'Moving Forward'

February 7, 2022 - Metal Magazine | Featuring the album 'Blind Emperor'

"A great work where she demonstrated her capacity for experimentation, her precision and maximum coherence, and a fusion of quality and symbolism rarely seen in the music industry."

February 7, 2022 - KEYI Magazine | Premiere of the track 'Redwinged Phoenix'

"In the track Redwinged Phoenix I’m telling the tale of a transformation, that can only come through the experience of hard battles. It is not easy to remember where we are going when we face hardship, but our red wings grow in the flames, forging us like a blacksmith and we can arise from the ashes once more." The Allegorist

January 31, 2022 - Living Techno | Featuring the album 'Blind Emperor'

"Berlin-based artist, The Allegorist, has been meandering through stories with her purposeful and introspective take on electronic music. Each release explores themes that require joint participation from the listener as they look to flood your mind with images of fabled characters and places through her artistic soundscapes."

January 28, 2022 - ReGen Mag | Featuring the single 'The Sacrifice'

"As the lead single from the forthcoming Blind Emperor album, “The Sacrifice” presents an aural presentation about the challenges and responsibilities of life, that time when difficult decisions and priorities reveal undeniable truths about ourselves." The Allegorist

January 27, 2022 - Kaltblut Magazine | Premiere of the music video 'The Sacrifice'

" 'The Sacrifice' is based around a choir as it guides the listener through precarious soundscapes while strength is juxtaposed with vulnerability. The choir, made up of many voices, was carefully designed from the artist’s voice, singing in The Allegorist’s self-intended language called ‘Mondoneoh’. Its drawn-out and somber pads divulge into cocooning yet vigorous fidelity. The music video, created by visual artist Pawel Mielnik and directed by The Allegorist, depicts treacherous, portentous valleys; however, their hazardous nature leads to a shrine in the form of a captivating head within a mountain. The emotion captured in its liquid eyes is enthralling."

Januray, 2022 - FAZE Mag | January issue | print | Blind Emperor album review

December 29, 2021 - Redefine Mag | The cover artwork of the album 'Hybrid Dimension II.'  is Album Covers of The Year 2021 in the category 'Sculpture & Object'

"The cover depicts the main protagonist on both Hybrid Dimension series, in different times. All cover artworks I’ve designed myself, using the moniker Anna Jordan Project. I’ve created the head ornament in 2016 from artificial flowers, wooden sticks, cardboard and a hair band" The Allegorist

November 11, 2021 - Nagamag | Review of the single 'Moving Forward' by The Allegorist

„Moving Forward“, is fervorous with a sense of impending chaos. It has beguiling builds with an added punch while staying in line with the riveting sound design. The energy created within it has the listener in liberation but with a focused sense of direction."

September 9, 2021 - Beatburguer Video Premiere | Dark Forces Rework by Robot Koch

"Robot Koch rework of the track Dark Forces (originally taken from the album Hybrid Dimension II. by The Allegorist) is a deep and cinematic journey, with masterful transitions between subtle, sophisticated orchestral passages and intense build-ups, rich in sound design."

April 9, 2021 CDM - DARK FORCES Video Premiere and article by Peter Kirn

Dark Forces by The Allegorist plunges us into a gorgeously surreal, shamanistic future. It’s the ultimate neo-futuristic concept album, complete with invented language for the lyrics (“Mondoneoh”) and a protaganist known as Dragon Rider. But the music is exquisitely composed 21st-century cinematic electronics. Anna Jordan’s The Allegorist has produced a fanciful opus for total immersion."


"And there’s the music – endlessly cinematic, cool and reserved but with a confident forward drive, pulsing like a cybernetic city. It’s a different synthesis than the cyberpunk narrative we’ve seen of late – instead of faux Japanese dystopia, you get a utopian fusion of paganism and machine beats, but where the two naturally blur together. The full album drops at the start of May – which is good, because putting it in words might make you think of pastiche and some 1990s musical disaster, but it’s not. It’s more Tron meets goddess, easy-going technopaganism native in the Europe of decades to come, past our current mess of muddled governance and rubber-stamped faxes, into something sleek, shiny, but caring."

May 30, 2021 - Blog Synthesizerwriter by Martin Russ | Hybrid Dimension II. album review 

"I always look forward to releases by The Allegorist, and Anna's third album 'Hybrid Dimension II' continues the 'slow building' style of her previous releases, but this time the production value in the sophisticated mix of ambient, classical and electronica has jumped up several notches. This is all the more remarkable because when I first heard her work at an Ableton Loop in Berlin a few years ago, it was already stand-out, drop-dead, slack-jaw perfection. You could kind of tell it was exceptionally good, because Mandy Parnell simply didn't know what to say for several minutes after hearing it."

May 20, 2021 - Groove Magazine | Motherboard Mai |  Hybrid Dimension II. album review 

 "Anna Jordan, Ungarin, die seit zehn Jahren in Berlin lebt, hat den cyber-internationalen mensch-maschinell dunklen Club/Not-Club/Post-Club-Sound der Stadt verinnerlicht wie kaum jemand anders."

May 10, 2021 - METAL Magazine | The Allegorist | Hybrid Dimension II. feature

"Creatives like The Allegorist move beyond mere statements as a result of a primal impulse loaded with symbolism and spirituality. Just look at the singles titles on her new album, Hybrid Dimension II, the second part of the journey she embarked on 3 years ago mixing downtempo electronics with environmental and spatial inspiration. Dark Forces, Shiny Material or New Beginning are just a few examples of the importance that the artist, who is also a music producer, sound designer and painter, attaches to emotion and the description of the ecosystems where her musical and visual narrative takes place."

May 3, 2021 - FAZE Mag | Mai issue | digital and print | Hybrid Dimension II. album review | The Allegorist 10 Charts

"Mystischer Choralgesang bettet sich in kathedralenartige Soundlandschaften ein. Ein ganz besonderes Album-Release kommt im Mai von Anna Jordan, alias The Allegorist. Sie erschafft eine kunstvolle cinematische Soundreise, bei der man sich in ferne Fantasie-welten versetzt fühlt. Jordan ist Produzentin, Sängerin, bildende Künstlerin, Sounddesignerin und Malerin. Als Allrounderin bringt sie verschiedene Kunstformen in einer zusammen und visualisiert förmlich in ihrem neuen Album „Hybrid Dimension II" sphärische Klänge. Zentrales Motiv in ihren Nummern stellt immer wider träumerischer, fast schon unheilvoller Gesang dar, der nicht selten clusterartig für Layersounds benutzt wird. Dadurch gelingt Jordan eine ganz besondere Soundsprache von ambienthaften Klangtiefen, die Gänsehautfeeling erzeugen. Leidenschaftliche Detailgenauigkeit in ihrer Musik steen für The Allegorists außergewöhnlichen Soundstil. Es ist magischer Electronica, der Brücken zu anderen Genres schlägt und sich ideal als Soundtrack eigenen würde Jordan singt das ganze Album über in fiktiver Mondoneoh” Sprache. Eine unkonventionelle Elektro-Soundreise ist hier garantiert."

April 22, 2021 - Various Small Flames | Hybrid Dimension II. album review

"Latest album Hybrid Dimensions II is no exception. The second instalment of a series started in 2018 with Hybrid Dimensions I, the record pulls the reader into a carefully built world that straddles sci-fi and fantasy, feeding off of the past/future dualism that sits at the heart of The Allegorist aesthetic. Jordan provides a storybook to provide proper context, but essentially the songs see a protagonist travel great distances and confront great dangers, its mythic connotations allowing the exploration of themes of solace, redemption and loss. All realised through a blended sound that incorporates classical, electronic and ambient styles.

Single ‘Dark Forces’ indicates how such an ambitious project might sound. Emerging from a flat, shadowed void, the song gradually comes to life in all of its scope and space. But from within the track’s vacant expanses, something large and ominous shifts out of view. Something that approaches gradually, creeping ever closer as the song unfurls, eventually revealing itself in its surreal, sublime form."

May 5, 2021 - Living Techno | Hybrid Dimension II. | Feature

May 3, 2021 - The Brvtalist | Unlimited Dedication track premiere from the album Hybrid Dimension II. 

April 28, 2021 - Nova Future | Hybrid Dimension II. | Feature

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April 19, 2021 - FBL Magazine | Dark Forces and Hybrid Dimension II. | Feature

April 9, 2021 - THE CLUBMAP | Hybrid Dimension II. | Feature

July 10, 2019 - New Noise Magazine | "Humandroid Lovers" Video Premiere

"The audiovisual album Hybrid Dimension I tells an exact, imaginative tale, but there is also a deeper meaning laying underneath each story,” The Allegorist says. “The individual stories are connecting to each other creating more layers and multiplying the dimensions."

March 30, 2019 - Igloo Magazine | "Falling Astronaut" Video Premiere

"Hybrid Dimension I by The Allegorist (Detroit Underground, 2018) comes with 10 tracks, a storybook, a full visual experience, and a video to each track and cover art. “Falling Astronaut“ (video premiere featured at Igloo Magazine) is described by the artist as: “The protagonist became one of the Falling Astronauts who were floating selfless in complete silence in the dark space. Before getting swept into the deadly stream, where there was no way back she held her ground and refused to give up.” Definitely an “intergalactic journey with dreamy visions through time and space.”

September 03, 2018 - Groove Magazin, Review of Hybrid Dimension I. by Christoph Benkeser

"Auf den zehn Stücken des neuen Albums wird diese utopische Storyline teilweise durch kinematografischer Dramatik und fast schon erdrückend distanziertem Pathos („Exotic Expeditions“, „Humandroid Lovers“), dann wieder mit balladesken Eindrücken („Falling Astronaut“, „Foggy Mountains“) verarbeitet. Ihre Stimme bringt Jordan dabei glücklicherweise deutlich öfter ein als in der Vergangenheit. Diese schwebt schleierhaft über den Klängen, bleibt oft unscheinbar im Hintergrund („Asteroid Temples“) und schafft es doch, ein Gefühl der innigen Nähe zu vermitteln. Ein Soundtrack, um zurück in die Zukunft zu reisen!"

August 2018 DJMag, Print Edition DJMagESP, Review of Hybrid Dimension I.

August 14, 2018 - Album review | Hybrid Dimension II. | by HiKo

August 15, 2016 - Bucketlist Music Reviews | Botanical Utopia | Album Review

"There’re a few deep and dark house songs like “Ragged Traveler,” but the most interesting track here is the album’s final cut “Desert Walks,” an experimental ambient opus that sounds like something from a David Lynch soundtrack. The Allegorist’s more dance-oriented tracks are a catchy version of nu-disco, but I prefer the experimental stuff, with minimal house beats, so the listener can kick back and blast off on a mental journey to another planet.


Botanical Utopia is too dramatic a for daily listening, and too experimental for most nightclubs, but after a few listens it started to grow on me. These sounds would fit well into a sci-fi movie soundtrack, and would also suit Montreal’s Mutek electronic music festival. In fact, the Allegorist reminds me of one of the avant-garde performers at this year’s MutekAïsha Devi. The production on Botanical Utopia is quite impressive for a debut album, and I’m interested to hear more of the Allegorist and the “majestic” Mondoneoh language."


 Written by Rob Coles

*edited by Danielle Kenedy