Independent Transmedia Artist. Mysterious Sonic Tales.

Hailing from the depths of the underground music scene, The Allegorist is a visionary, enigmatic, transmedia, and boundary-pushing artist known for crafting deep, immersive, and intricate sonic tales. Embracing a wide array of influences, weaving together the mysteries, art, philosophy, symbolism, and spirituality, The Allegorist defies categorisation. Inspired by her childhood dream of becoming an archaeologist, she embarks on a perpetual quest to discover the secrets and meanings of the world. Her innate lifelong passion for critical thinking, creation, and discovery laid the foundation for her unique approach, resonating with those who seek the unconventional. 


Centered around dark art and speculative fiction, including sci-fi and fantasy, The Allegorist sculpts experimental, cinematic, electronic music, visual art, and metaphorical narratives. Embracing the dualism of light and darkness, past and future, life and death, the art project adopted a holistic mindset, seeking to sail into the unknown, preserve the secret wisdom and timeless teachings, while honouring the ancient values of Earth, human responsibility, and the cycle of life. For an inclusive expression, she crafted her fictional language Mondoneoh, employing symbolism as a method of universal communication, in line with her chosen name The Allegorist, which derives from the word allegory in literature.


With a background as a painter spanning over a decade before venturing into the realm of music, the Hungarian-born, Berlin-based artist Anna Jordan is her own creative director, producer, sound designer, singer, engineer, visual artist, and live performer for her art project The Allegorist. Appreciating the significance of artistic autonomy, she works independently, self-releasing her output primarily via her own imprint Awaken Chronicles. Simultaneously she fosters a diverse collective spirit with like-minded people from all backgrounds and sectors.



 WIP 6th original album From Birth Until Death (Awaken Chronicles, 2024 - 2025)

5th original album TEKHENU (Awaken Chronicles, May 2023)

4th album Blind Emperor (Awaken Chronicles, February 2022)

3rd album Hybrid Dimension II. (Awaken Chronicles, May 2021)

2nd album Hybrid Dimension I. (Detroit Underground, July 2018)

Debut album Botanical Utopia (Kraak Records, June 2016)


Remix Albums

TEKHENU Retold, TEKHENU remix album (Awaken Chronicles, October 2023)

The Round Table, Blind Emperor remix album (Awaken Chronicles, September 2022)



IYO IYE (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)


Singles (taken from albums)

Whispers of the Wind (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Barefoot (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Howling with the Wolf (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Born in the River (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Trees of Peace (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

The Sacrifice (Awaken Chronicles, 2022)

Moving Forward (Awaken Chronicles, 2021)

Dark Forces (Awaken Chronicles, 2021)


Remixes I.

Whispers of the Wind (Die Wild Jagd Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Born in the River (Jacob Haage & Sarah Assbring Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Trees of Peace (Subheim Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Inner Dialogue (Drum & Lace Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Through the Forest (Ben Chatwin Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Howling with the Wolf (Ah! Kosmos Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

The Invisible (Hannes Kretzer Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Dreams at Dawn (Midori Hirano Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Tekhenu (Desiderii Marginis Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2023)

Barefoot (Scanner Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2023) 

Redwinged Phoenix (Eraldo Bernocchi Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2022)

Marching Crowd (Max Dahlhaus Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2022)

War Priests (Blush Response Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2022)

Blind Emperor (KMRU Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2022)

The Sacrifice (Magna Pia Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2022)

Moving Forward (Snakes of Russia Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2022)

Disillusion Echoes (Projekt Gestalten Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2021)

Dark Forces (Robot Koch Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2021)

Unlimited Dedication (Headless Horseman Rework) (Awaken Chronicles, 2021)


Remixes II.

Where I May Outwatch the Bear (The Allegorist Rework) by Snakes of Russia (Modularfield, 2024)

Exo (The Allegorist Rework) by Hannes Kretzer (Safari Riot, 2024)

Sjörök (The Allegorist Rework) by Havsmörker (Supertraditional, 2023)

The Curse of Engelhart (The Allegorist Rework) by Projekt Gestalten (VRAAA Records, 2023)

Temporary Bodies (The Allegorist Rework) by Object as Subject (Lost Future Records, 2023)

Give Energy (The Allegorist Remix) by Daniel Troberg (Your Moms Agency, 2022)

Time Interrupted (The Allegorist Remix) by Neil Cowley (Mote, 2021)


Compilation tracks

Breath (Errorgrid Records, Quantized Realities Vol 1. Technology Compilation, 2023)

Until Dawn (Detroit Underground, Railways, a Berlin Vinyl Compilation, 2022)

Levitating Forms (Mille Plateaux / Force Inc., Ultrablack Of Music Compilation, 2020)

Pulsing Veins (Kashev Tapes, Sonic Resistance. For Rojava Compilation, 2020)



In Wonnenhieben (Douce Mix ft. The Allegorist ) by Die Wilde Jagd (Bureau B, 2023)