TEKHENU (for the seekers) (5th album) was self-released on the 5th May 2023 via Awaken Chronicles.


Holistic, soundscape storyteller The Allegorist takes inspiration from the ancient world for her fifth studio album, set for release on her label Awaken Chronicles. A sonic fable titled TEKHENU, it continues the trajectory that the Berlin-based electronic producer and sound-designer has been following since the beginning - conceptualising narrative-heavy LPs centered around mythical lands. Her new works depict a lost protagonist and her spiritual, inward search across ten enrapturing chapters.


As with her previous works, The Allegorist spins a poignant tale around the LP. The 10-chapter album comes with a short story, The Tale of TEKHENU, and every single will be accompanied by a cinematic trailer by Anna Jordan (The Allegorist). TEKHENU will be released both on vinyl and digitally on 05 May 2023 on The Allegorist's label, Awaken Chronicles. 


The title of the LP is a nod to the towering monoliths by the ancient Egyptians. Known to most by their Greek-given name “obelisk”, they stand tall around the world and it’s their global dispersion that inspired The Allegorist for the title of the album, seeing it as an allegory of a common bond, a point of connection. 




Blind Emperor was self-released in February 2022 via Awaken Chronicles.


Hybrid Dimensions II. was self-released in May 2021 via Awaken Chronicles.

Hybrid Dimension I. was released via Detroit Underground July 2018.

Debut album Botanical Utopia was released at Kraak Records June 2016.


TEKHENU Retold (TEKHENU Remix Album), was self-released via Awaken Chronicles in October 2023.

The Round Table (Blind Emperor Remix Album) was self-released via Awaken Chronicles in September 2022.