The Round Table, a Blind Emperor remix album, was released digitally on The Allegorist‘s label, Awaken Chronicles on the September 9th, 2022.


About the album The Round Table (Blind Emperor remix album)


Early this year, Berlin-based artist The Allegorist came out with her 4th album, Blind Emperor. The layered project used the power of soundscapes to create a detailed fictitious story of a mythical land that trudges through struggles on its way to revelations of prosperity. The protagonist, Blind Emperor, leads the charge into a brighter tomorrow in a textured aesthetic of an epic, cinematic, choral, ambient techno album. Anna Jordan (The Allegorist) has a holistic approach to her projects. She created the album art, wrote an included story and composed a poem that all combined to tell the imperial fantasy.


In another component of the aggregate story, The Allegorist is releasing The Round Table, a Blind Emperor remix album, including animations of an eclectic mix of coloured smoke representing each featured artist. She has also crafted a short story to go with the record, which depicts the origin of Blind Emperor's momentous gathering. Six enthralling artists each take a track from the original album and reimagine them in their interpretation. The remixed work adds another chapter to the fable of Blind Emperor with new layers of edge, tension, divulgence, plot and twisting paths added through the much-anticipated meeting. 


The Tracks


The opening track is a 'Redwinged Phoenix' rework by Italian composer and sound designer Eraldo Bernocchi. With hallowed beckons, electrically tinged breaks and dreamy rifts, it carries ethereal sensations with pulsating drive. 


Next up is Berlin-based audio-visual artist and producer Max Dahlhaus's interpretation of 'Marching Crowd.' It has extraterrestrial synths, punishing percussions and symphonic keys that produce encaptivating melodies - depicting a journey down and through a wormhole where a welcome and basking light awaits on the other side. 


It is followed by ambient sound artist KMRU's 'Blind Emperor' remix. The track is an extraordinary soundscape that encapsulates meandering through a glacial valley. Incorporeal pads are layered and cocooned by a beguiling vocal whose lilt forms the raft that carries the listener through the terrain. 


Composer, producer and one-half of Cassegrain, Magna Pia's take on lead single 'The Sacrifice' is a punchy techno stomper. It uses the original synths and gives them a pacy tempo with pumping percussions, crisp snares and frosty hats. 


Penultimately is 'Moving Forward' by Californian electronic project Snakes Of Russia. The synths begin solemnly but expand into triumphant expressions compounded by slow yet powerful drums. Oscillating sounds and light hits add textures to an audio canvas. 


Finally, EBM and industrial techno producer Blush Response's remix of 'War Priests.' His signature rolling cavernous percussions are surrounded by screeching bellows leading to a battlefront production that encapsulates the track's title - a defiant end to a storied project.

The Allegorist‘s 4th album, The Blind Emperor, was released digitally and on vinyl on The Allegorist‘s label, Awaken Chronicles on the February 25th, 2022.


Vinyl: 200 limited edition 12“ Heavy Black Vinyl Record (180g) in 350g Outer Sleeve with 2-page insert.


The Blind Emperor, portrays the essence of a mythical land that tells of struggle that will lead to prosperity. The protagonist, The Blind Emperor, leads the charge into a brighter tomorrow. Like chapters from a novel, each track allows the listener to be carried by the story.


The opening track, ‚Redwinged Phoenix‘, sets the scene with comprehensive and earnest pads tunnelling out of the darkness. The yearning cry and rumbling percussion allude to a rising sensation as if it were breathing new life. Its en- compassing synths deliver an eagerness for triumph.


The second track, ‚Marching Crowd‘, has boot like drums slightly tinged with rub- bery acid to give velocity. The focused energy leads to an innate togetherness.


‚The Blind Emperor‘ is introduced with sacred sounds and reverenced cries. The hallowed introduction greets icy snares and a deep percussion. It embo- dies the character, revered for leading with esteem and conviction. They are not the perfect hero, but their turmoil has empowered them.


'The Sacrifice‘ is the lead single. It speaks about the challenges in life where a groundbreaking decision has to be made and priorities has to be set. In these moments our undeniable true core becomes visible and there will be no more lies. Sometimes our paths lead through struggle and arduous endea- vours and sometimes prosperity and fulfilment follows. The track is based around a choir as it guides the listener through precarious soundscapes while strength is juxtaposed with vulnerability. The choir, made up of many voices, was carefully designed from the artist‘s voice, singing in The Allegorist‘s self-intended language called ‚Mondoneoh‘. Its drawn-out and sombre pads divulge into cocooning yet vigorous fidelity. 


Giving continuity to the galactic journey of the Hybrid Dimensions, I have released Hybrid Dimension part 2, on the 7th of May 2021 at Awaken Chronicles.

Visualisation by ANNA JORDAN PROJECT

Second album HYBRID DIMENSION I.  was released at Detroit Underground in July 27, 2018 


Visualisation by ANNA JORDAN PROJECT

The debut album BOTANICAL UTOPIA was released at Kraak Records in June 27,  2016




The Projekt Gestalten revision of the track Disillusion Echoes expands the idea of the original composition by supporting the melancholic chord progression with a new string section and highlighting the story, told by the soulful vocal cries. The pulsing techno elements not only give the track a new drive but also create a new atmosphere for the multidimensional emotion to thrive. They whirl up our rusty bones and create a space for the listener to embrace the feelings of loss, hope, and the love of life.


Released at Awaken Chronicles on the 24th September 2021.

The Robot Koch rework of the track Dark Forces (originally taken from the album Hybrid Dimension II. by The Allegorist) is a deep and cinematic journey, with masterful transitions between subtle, sophisticated orchestral passages and intense build-ups, rich in sound design. A remarkable and immersive production confidently merging emotional classical music and forward-thinking electronica by the award-winning artist Robot Koch.


Released at Awaken Chronicles on the 10th September 2021.

The Headless Horseman rework of the track Unlimited Dedication (taken from the album Hybrid Dimension II. by The Allegorist) pulls the listener into a carefully built world that straddles sci-fi and fantasy.


Released at Awaken Chronicles on the 16th July 2021.


The Allegorist - Until Dawn

on Railways A Berlin Compilation V.A. at Detroit Underground


"Some sonic communities grow even in isolation, in the lonely obsessive moments in the studio as time melts away. Deep inside the Detroit Underground nests a Berlin underground, chasing those resonant shared sounds. DU Berlin draws together some of that love felt through music in the German capital. It’s not the wild city of reunification or *Berlin Calling* or tourist-style movies or the EasyJet set. This is the side of the city that endlessly romances machines for the sheer joy of it, as The Allegorist titles her track, “until dawn.” And with some big names and emerging, ranging from mainstays to veteran agitators, the Berlin DU crew have telegraphed each other through productions and mutual inspiration. The results vibrate and rumble with sympathetic frequencies, but are never limited to grayscale or dithered palettes."

Levitating Forms  was released at Mille Plateaux / Force Inc. in March 9, 2020

on the compilation "Ultrablack Of Music"

Pulsing Veins  was released at Kashev Tapes in February 10, 2020 on the compilation "Sonic Resistance. For Rojava."